Commander Staples – Black

Welcome to our next edition of Commander Staples; this time around we are featuring Black cards. Again, you may not agree with all of the choices here, but a lot of this can come down to opinion when we are looking at the top 5, so if you do disagree, please let me know, I love discussion around this type of thing and love to hear people’s opinions as I could change my view on a lot of cards.

So without further rambling, let’s kick it off….

1. Demonic Tutor/Vampiric Tutor


I know, two cards in one spot is pretty lame but honestly, I have a hard time separating these two. First: Vampiric Tutor. an instant speed tutor for one black mana is deadly beautiful. Granted, you take a hit for 2 life but that’s nothing in Commander. The real set back of this card? The card you search for goes on top of your deck meaning you gotta play it at the end of someone elses turn meaning you gotta hold land back. Next: Demonic Tutor. One black and one colourless mana for a card straight to your hand? Now that is awesome! Unfortunately, this card is slower and costs more than Vampiric Tutor. Personally, I’d run Demonic but that’s just because I have a few of them lying around and literally no Vampiric Tutors to my name.

The bad news of both cards? They hurt the wallet, which in all fairness, is going to be a running theme for this list. The good news? Vampiric Tutor just got a reprint in Eternal Masters and with it hopefully a price drop.

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