Commander Staples – Artifacts

Commander Artifacts
To a lot of Magic: The Gathering players, Commander or EDH gets a rep of being too casual a format; and while Commander is one of the more casual formats available there are easy ways to keep it competitive. I’ve played a lot of EDH with several different decks and have seen dozens of deck themes and colour formats. From all this play it’s very easy to notice recurring cards across vastly different decks with vastly different deck win conditions. This short list is what I consider to be “must haves” in every deck. I will go through every colour and provide rationale for 2 to 3 cards each.

We are going to start off with Artifacts. Then transition down the line until we cover all colours and lands and then potentially touch on multicolour cards but not specific to colour. Now you may not all agree on my decisions here and it may seem like I left a card out that you feel would be better suited, but in the end, this is an opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts on these and other cards.