Building a Better Munchkin Deck For Your Next Game Night

Less: Wandering Monsters


These are fun cards to play and a useful tool in maintaining a close game; my one issue with them being that they use up two cards at once. Hand sizes in Munchkin are small and there aren’t a ton of opportunities in the game to draw outside of killing monsters and kicking down the door. Most times in a game the winner is the guy who fights a weenie of a creature directly after an epic battle where everyone exhausts their cards to stop someone else from winning. I want the winner to win BIG….not just because we all blew out our hands and can’t stop them and “Wandering Monster” cards are too expensive. Don’t take them all out, but thin it down. I also hate it when a player with a super jacked munchkin drops one of these with a level one weenie monster just to get another level and treasure…..super lame.

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