The Banner Saga: Warbands is now a table top game! Amazing!

2014 was a great year for some vikings and bad for others. The Viking tv show was nominated for some Emmy’s…so that’s great.

On the other hand, The Minnesota Vikings NFL team didn’t even make the playoffs….so that sucks. Oh ya, a video game was released by a company called StoicThe Banner Saga was a nod to legendary turn based fighting games like Final Fantasy. 


Now, Megacon Games have packaged it up as a board game for you and me to delight ourselves in. Here’s what they have to say about it,

There are four roles in the warband: Quartermaster, Keeper of Names, Warmaster, and Thane. Each role must aggressively push for resolutions that help out themselves, while being open to compromise for the good of the warband.

How this reads to me: I am going to hate everyone I play with by the end of this game. Not like, want you to die hate…. more like a, you yelled at me and hurt my feelings kind of hate. It’s just a truth in life that co-op games are seldom smooth sailing for the players.


Each of the four playable characters has their own set of unique powers but ya know, I’d like to take a second to note how good the miniatures look. Great detail, good posturing… just quality.

Here’s a couple things to note about the game: for one, there are no dice. Megacon boasts that there is no luck in this game. 100 percent tactical. I can not imagine how that can be true but hey, I’ve been wrong before. Another great element of this game is how your choices affect game play and what happens to the war party. At certain points in the game, like a choose your own adventure book, you gotta make decisions. Left or right? High road or river crossing?

Do I stay or do I go now? The Clash understood this game, man.


If you’re looking to get this game, make sure to check out Megacon Games’ website. They’ve got a deal on right now where you get an extra 30 miniatures! For the RPG enthusiast, 30 miniatures is like 30 miniature orgasms…. tiny o faces.


The ole’ Cloon dogs o face