Attack Wing: Which version is for you?

Attack Wing is a game system built around arial warfare. Basically you get to command things that fly and you get to blow up other things that fly in many fun and colourful ways. FUN! So you’re into the idea of massive, galaxy class cruisers hurling earth shattering photon torpedoes at one another? Attack Wing has got you covered. Maybe you want to command powerful dragons, breathing fire and acid as you meet an oncoming squadron of battle ready griffons? Attack Wing has that too! In fact, there are four distinct flavours of Attack Wing for the aspiring commander-of-the-skies to choose from so here they are in no particular order!

Wings of War


Created in 2004, this game is the Father AND Mother of Attack Wing. “Wings of War” or “WOW”… that’s not in use, right?… is an amazing war simulator taking place between 1914 and 1945… basically it’s war planes from both World Wars. While it does have some small differences in gameplay like using cards instead of dials for movement, this is basically the Attack Wing prototype For the history buff with a table top gaming streak or the strategy loving air head, this game gives you a ton of planes from all involved countries and pits you against one another over the skies of Europe in either straight our combat or special missions… usually involving some straight out combat. Simple to learn but holding dozens of advanced tactics, this game will keep you strapped in for hours!

Star Trek: Attack Wing


This is my favourite version of Attack Wing and I’ll admit it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a Trekker/Trekkie… and yes I believe you can be both! With lots of different races and factions to choose from, you can be anything from honour and glory driven Klingons to the fear inspiring borg to the evil, insidious dominion. To be fair, this game does get a lot of shade thrown at it, mostly by X-Wing lovers and I can understand some of what they say. Many of the ships have a TON of offence (it’s not uncommon to be rolling 6 attack dice) which can make the game seem a bit unwieldy. Another complaint is how certain factions aren’t able to compete because they aren’t given enough ships to work with. Oh, and there’s always the issue of power creep in any game. Still, With lots of choice – Wiz Kids just released its 27th wave of ships – and cool abilities, This is a game worth trying out!



It’s almost as if the Star Wars franchise was destined to be part of this game. Probably the most popular version of Attack Wing, “X-Wing” pits the upstart rebels against the oppressive Galactic Empire while both try to fend off the despot, “Scum” who are mercs ready to kill for money. The detailing on the ships is easy on the eyes and the attack to defense on these ships makes it feel a little bit more like a dogfight and less of a jousting match; an accusation leveled at it’s Star Trek Counterpart. The only real draw back is a lack of choice; the addition of the Scum faction is a nice change but you still see A LOT of the same ships on the table in any given match…. and it is HELLA fun operating the Millennium Falcon, just in case you thought it wouldn’t be.

D&D: Attack Wing


The latest universe to get in on the Attack Wing action, D&D has released this offering, which at first glance, seems pretty friggin’ epic. I mean, pitting dragons against each other and then adding all sorts of other flying, mythical beasts is pretty much what the 1997, Mage Knight Player in me has always dreamed about. I used to read DragonLance books all the time, heck, “The Legend of Huma” brought me to tears… AND NOW I CAN COMMAND A SILVER DRAGON OF MY OWN AND GO HEAD ON WITH TAKHISIS, THE FIVE HEADED GODDESS OF ALL THAT IS EVIL? so sweet. Here’s what’s rubbin’ me the wrong way with this version of the game, and I gotta add that while this shouldn’t matter, it most certainly does. There are creatures in this game that don’t even fly! I don’t know who green lighted allowing creatures who don’t fly into a game entitled, “Attack Wing” but they should be fed lemons until they are cured of the scurvy that addled their brains enough to make such a silly mistake. In fact, I’ll go one further and say that there should be no creatures in this game THAT DO NOT HAVE WINGS! It should be like Tim Hortons… “No wings, NO WINGS, no service”

For the record, it is still really fun to play… just stay away from this stupid Dwarven Cleric… shouldn’t be hard, right? Just fly away!


What the hell am I doing in this game?

What the hell am I doing in this game?


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