Asmodee Re-Releasing Super Fun Game, “Aye, Dark Overlord”

A minions life is never easy, especially when you’ve just messed up the Dark Overlords well laid plans…. but you don’t have to take the blame. 

aye-dark-overlordAye, Dark Overlord is a game all about deception, deflection and sabotage. The gist of the game goes something like this: One player gets to be The Dark Overlord who has had their carefully laid plans of pure and malicious evil to do some super evil thing ruined. The rest of the players (up to six) were charged with the role of carrying out these god forsaken plans and screwed them up royally!

Now your master is looking for payback and to punish the minion who put an end to his maniacal maneuverings and the hot seat could be the one your sitting on. The only thing protecting you from a painful and drawn out death is your ability to make the other guy look worse than you…..FUN! Each minion is now out to try and create the best story as to why they aren’t the ones to blame for the failed plans.

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