Armored Core™ RTS Name Change Sees Kickstarter Backers Dropping Out

Its been a rough week for the people at Bad Crow Games. Their first KickStarter offering was an officially licensed Armored Core RTS board game with a unique game mechanic which has 2-4 players taking turns simultaneously.

It truly is the first board game of its kind, which is probably why it saw great traction on Kickstarter, having crushed its goal of $75,000 in its first 24 hours raising $108,000.  Over the next 13 days the board game grew in support, topping to $250k on July 31st.

It was however on August 1st where a largely controversial decision was made to drop the Armored Core license from the game, renaming it to “Mech Command RTS“.  The President and Owner of Bad Crow Games, Aaron Gabrielson, sited potential development delays as the reason for the change.  Also commenting in a statement that:

We also underestimated the degree of miscommunication caused by the language barrier as we work with the license holders in Japan. This name change removes any uncertainty and allows us to deliver the entire game on schedule.

The response from their backers wasn’t entirely supportive of this sudden change to the game, which the president admitted might also effect the actual design of the mech mini’s as to not infringe on Armored Core intellectual property.  According to stats found at Kicktraq, many backers choose to show their disdain by dropping from the Kickstarter entirely.