The 15 Ugliest Magic Cards Ever Made

Art is subjective; what you think is ugly or amazing, might seem the opposite to another individual. Well with that being said, I do think we can all get on the same page here and point out how almost zero effort was put into the art for these cards. Now, most of these cards come from a time when MTG was not a big deal and they probably didn’t have much money to pay artists very much for cards.

So let’s kick right into it with #1 –

Alaborn Zealot

Lord, this card. First off – She has a shotgun! A shotgun… plate armor and a SHOTGUNRidiculous… this is some serious art. Dare I say this may be the first and last time a shotgun appeared on a Magic card? Maybe we can tech up a shotgun deck somehow? Things are moving now… SHOTGUN DECK.